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Harleyford Art

 The Origins of the Harleyford Archive

The Harleyford Archive is a collection of 20th Century art and print with an emphasis on historic aviation and model making. 

The family collections from The Harleyford Archive tell the story of DA Russell, editor and publisher of a large number of books and magazines from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. At the end of his life much of this work was boxed up, stored and thought lost until it was rediscovered in 2007 by his granddaughter.

Harleyford Rediscovered

From the outset DA Russell sought to employ the best artists and technical writers of the day, to produce fine quality publications. Through his early model making guides, editorship of Aeromodeller and Air Review magazines, the 'Aircraft of the Fighting Powers' series, and finally the renowned 'Harleyford' books, Russell documented much of the early history of aviation.

Harleyford Art will bring this archive to a new audience, showcasing the work of the pioneering designers and engineers involved.  A selection of fine prints and cards in celebration of this work will be available soon. 



Harleyford Art

The story so far...

Harleyford Art is a collection of mid-twentieth century aeronautical publishing, much of it hidden in a loft for the last 40 years. A selection of images from these vintage works is newly available as cards and fine art prints.

DA Russell (DAR) second editor and publisher of the Aeromodeller Magazine, early twentieth century model engineering designer and devotee of tethered car-racing, editor and publisher of "The Aircraft of the Fighting Powers" series, founder of The Eaton Bray Model Sportsdrome, which ended in financial disaster, rebuilt his fortunes with Harleyford Publishing in the late 1950's before ill-health and financial problems forced the company into receivership in the 1970's.

DAR's son, Michael, a commercial pilot, gliding and vintage aircraft enthusiast bought what was left from the receiver, formed Russavia Ltd and endeavoured to pay off the company's debts. Large quantities of books, magazines, artwork and early advertising remained stored away until Michael's death in 2007 when they were discovered by his daughter, Shirley Russell.

"Dad had stuff squirrelled away everywhere and had seemingly never thrown anything away, amongst the neatly filed and boxed up gas bills and old bank statements was an amazing collection, telling the story of his father's various enterprises. For the last five years I have been sifting through these thousands of pieces of paper in order to build a useable archive".

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